Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hi everyone!

I'm a Southern girl recently relocated to Connecticut after my wedding last month. I have the most wonderful husband in the world, and the sweetest lab/collie named Molly. Seeing as I don't have many friends up here yet, I need an outlet of communication other than Facebook, so that's how this came about! The main reason I wanted a blog was to document my cooking attempts - however disastrous they may be.

I grew up in a textbook Southern house, which means that my hardworking, Christian mother came home after work every night and cooked a full meal for my dad and me. I always looked forward to dinner, but I never really got the chance to learn how to make anything myself. My mother is an amazing cook, but it was definitely her kitchen - I usually just got in the way. When I moved into an apartment of my own, I had a pretty regimented diet of sandwiches and pasta. I didn't cook my first chicken until close to graduation - which was this year, by the way - and since my wedding on September 4th, I am now responsible for providing sustenance not only for myself but also for my constantly hungry husband. He helps me sometimes, but I want to learn how to cook by myself. It's a goal of mine for several reasons: one being that it's useful, two being that I enjoy the satisfaction of cooking a decent meal, and three being that I won't feel fully female until I'm no longer a novice in the kitchen - it may be an outdated stereotype, but I do feel the need to fulfill my gender role in some areas.

In short, this blog is about my attempts at domestication while also providing some insight into my life as a Southern wife in New England.

Join me on my struggle-tastic cooking journey, but be prepared for lots of burn stories. :)

- Mrs. G.

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